Skyline Vista Elementary

Skyline Vista’s Vision and Beliefs

“We strive to provide a positive, structured and caring environment centered on student achievement and growth”.

Skyline Vista is a place where:

  • We strive to build positive relationships with our students, peers, parents and community and exercise the opportunity to get to know them on a personal level.  We care!
  • We use data to drive all instruction and use Professional Learning Communities to reflect and become better at our craft.
  • We empower our students with the skills they will need to be successful 21st century learners by routine use and incorporation of technology.
  • We create an environment where students are excited to learn and staff members are enthusiastic in their teaching approach resulting in active student engagement.
  • We treat fellow staff members as professionals and our parents and students with respect.
  • We are professionals who encourage our students daily to achieve their full potential.
  • We believe in a collaborative learning approach where students are active problem solvers.

Students come first in every decision we make.  We pride ourselves on climate and culture and strive to provide a safe, structured and challenging learning environment where teachers and staff want to be at school working together each and every day to provide the best education possible for our students so they can be productive citizens once out of school.

Students at work 2

How Skyline Vista teachers help prepare students to be college and career ready:

Our 5th grade team teachers Ameritowne curriculum through all content including how to handle money, balance a checkbook, create a resume, interview for a job and what work actually looks like.  Towards the end of the year our 5th graders take this knowledge to Ameritowne and actually run a small community themselves based on the knowledge they have learned.

Young AmeriTowne

About Young AmeriTowne

Young AmeriTowne is an award-winning educational program offered to 4th and 5th grade teachers to help teach students about business, economics and free enterprise in a fun and hands-on way. Young AmeriTowne has received countless accolades for its engaging format and its applicability across all types of student and school demographics. More than 235 schools across Colorado participate in Young AmeriTowne each year.


How Does Young AmeriTowne Work?

Teachers who elect to participate use our curriculum and materials to teach classroom lessons and activities that introduce concepts such as supply and demand, job skills and work habits, banking procedures, democratic processes, civic consciousness, and career awareness. These lessons prepare students for the culminating experience, a day in Young AmeriTowne, where students-turned-citizens apply concepts they’ve learned by working together to operate a 17-business town.

This life-like simulation is an incredible learning experience for all students, that not only teaches important economic concepts, but also valuable life skills. Take advantage of this one-of-a-kind educational opportunity and sign your class up today!

Opportunities to inspire students 

In addition to the activities and programs mentioned above, we also take part in college field trips when they are available.

Students at work via technology

Parent Involvement 

Parents are invited and active participants in our Ameritowne Day and for our college field trips.  Through Ameritowne our students understand more of what it means to be a responsible adult and gain more appreciation for what their parents do.


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